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Unique solutions that make a direct
and positive impact in people’s lives.


About Cata Company

From the assumption that nothing is impossible, we create unique solutions
that make a direct, and always positive, impact in people´s lives.




Cata Company is at its core a technology company focused on developing highly innovative solutions that make lives better. A cultivated integration of Hardware, Software, and Design, Cata Company specializes in creating products and services with cutting-edge technology while focusing on providing practical solutions.  Passion and innovation have conceived hardware with numerous patents, software with a user focus, and cloud integration to link our products to POS systems and monitoring sites for complete access.

CataCash is a line of smart safes with the goal of optimizing cash management processes within your business. Increased security and patented anti-burglary technology are sure to protect against potential cash losses.

CataCoin is a coin circulation machine that provides consumers the option of exchanging their coins for cash, vouchers, charitable donations, among others. While clients use CataCoin they are shown a brief advertisement, capitalizing upon the opportunity of having clients’ undivided attention.


Cata Company specializes in integrating beautifully designed hardware solutions that seamlessly
connect to our proprietary software and provide best in class cash management solutions.


CataCash One

The next generation in smart safe technology. A cost-effective, closed loop solution for cash management. CataCash reduces risk of shrinkage and other forms of theft and burglary, increases operational efficiencies by simplifying the connection between CataCash, your POS system and ERP software. CataCash offers remote management and monitoring of each safe through our proprietary online control panel. See more on our site.

  • Compact design (compliant with ADA regulations)
  • Dimensions: 21.4”H x 20” L x 12.60” W
  • Robust build
  • Weight: 331 lbs
  • Sleek, patented design
  • ½” thick steel on all sides and door (B/C Category Safe)
  • Fast and efficient cash validation and deposit
  • Lock modifications for manager drop or armored car pick-up
  • Touch screen tablet with intuitive controls
  • Minimal training needed for users
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Manual deposit option for damaged bills, checks, gift certificates
  • Customizable with company colors and logo
  • Anchor to the ground with concrete bolts
  • Six hour internal battery (longest battery life of any smart safe)
  • New client on-boarding sessions
  • Multiple burglary and tampering sensors
  • Easy bill jam removal (no service call required)
  • 1 year parts, 90 day service guarantee
  • Highest bill capacity in size category (3000 bills and 15 envelopes)
  • Integration with POS system and ERP software

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CataCa$h Mille

CataCash Strike

CataCash Strike is a high-performance smart safe, featuring state of the art cash processing speeds and burglary prevention. Perfect for businesses with higher levels of cash sales, the CataCash Strike saves businesses time by processing and safeguarding cash within seconds while providing a comprehensive view of store-level activities.

  • Smart safe with a robust build that has been tested for durability
  • Agile, efficient, and safe cash management system
  • Fast and accurate reading (16 bills/second and 200 notes at time)
  • Highest bill capacity in size category (7,000 bills / 10,000 bills)
  • Multiple burglary and tampering sensors, including the patent pending capacitive frequency alarm
  • Protective steel strengthened with EAP
  • Monitoring of smart safe operation, security mechanisms, and alerts
  • Printing and reprint of deposit and pick up reports
  • Register and modify users, assigning different permission levels
  • Cash validation function for counterfeit bill detection
  • User-friendly touch screen interface

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CataCoin has “upped the ante” in what a coin circulation machine can and should offer their clients. A slim design, fully customizable exterior, and inviting concept attracts clients to exchange their coins at our machines, free from excessive exchange fees. Host locations are able to offer a free or subsidized service by showing tailored advertisements that showcase their own products and services.

Why have a CataCoin machine?

Market Opportunity

  • Coin Savers: 80% of US households actively save coins.
  • Competitor’s Elevated Charges: 66% of those consumers either refuse to pay the high percentages charged for coin machine usage at retail stores or prefer other methods of exchanging their coins.

Interactive and Enjoyable Experience

  • Inviting Concept: CataCoin machines provide an enjoyable experience for adults and children alike.
  • Interactive Game: An interactive game with joystick control is offered for kids once deposit is complete.
  • Value of Saving: Gives kids a chance to learn the value of saving and be rewarded for doing so.

Revenue Generation and Advertising Opportunities

  • Advertising Portal: show advertisements of your products and services or lease the advertising space.
  • More Client Traffic: Give clients a reason to come to your location.
  • Connection to Business Clients: Business clients can do an end of shift coin drop


  • Real-time monitoring system with remote access.
  • Accurate breakdown of coins contained in each CataCoin.
  • Accurate coin count.
  • Patented filtration technology- fewer service calls.
  • Attractive design, customized powder coating with colors and logos.
  • Fits flawlessly into any business environment.

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The ShieldedVault is an equipment that safely protects the stored values inside it. Its purpose is to permanently block invasions to custody bases of cash/valuables-in-transit companies, banks or treasury rooms. Destroys all bills in 1 minute, leaving 51% of its face note that can be reimbursed by the Central Bank.

  • Protection of the values in custody
  • Remote and local engagment
  • Low maintence costs
  • Auto-teste and auditory funcionality
  • Operators full security
  • Easy instalation at existing or new locations

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Control Panel

All Cata Company products are connected and monitored via our Control Panel, a server that provides real-time information of deposits, cash collections, break down by denomination, and bill totals.

  • Real-time monitoring of all transactions
  • Technical performance monitoring
  • Remote creation and exclusion of users with specific permission levels
  • Generation of graphs and financial reports
  • Validation of issued vouchers and deposits
  • Integration with ERP and POS systems

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Company timeline

CataCash Strike, the most cost-effective smart safe on the market, is released. Cata Company continues to expand internationally throughout Latin America, Europe and the Middle East. 140 million coins are deposited in the CataCoin.

A new product line is launched. Cata’s ShieldedVault is the company’s forrey to definitively inhibit invasions to cash/valuables-in-transit companies, banks, treasury rooms and armored cars. CataCoins continues to expand and is present in more than 140 different retail chains and in 5 of the 10 largest supermarket chains in the country. 150 million coins have returned to circulation through our service - a figure that corresponds to 23% of what was produced by the Brazilian National Mint in 2016.

CataCash, developed in partnership with Prosegur, is launched within Brazil as Caixa Fácil Mini Prosegur (Prosegur´s Easy Mini Safe). Once again we receive approval from Brazil’s Development Bank through their “MPME Inovadora” program and are able to continue reinvesting in the technological innovations coming from our engineering team.

Leaders in Brazil’s retail market develop an interest in having the CataCoin (CataMoeda) machines in their stores and we expand to have our machines hosted in over 130 retail chains across a variety of segments - supermarkets, drugstores, shopping malls, gas stations, fast food chains, and others. Five out of the top 10 supermarket chains in Brazil now have a CataCoin machine.

CataCoin’s design is awarded the “Prêmio Internacional Objeto: Brasil,” one of the most important design awards given in all of Brazil. Cata Company has been featured in over 650 news articles and media outlets.

Over 125 million coins have returned to circulation thanks to the CataCoin machines - a value corresponding to 21% of Brazil’s annual coin production for 2016. We have 14 patents applications, trademarks, registered designs and software copyrights, within Brazil and internationally, in support of our ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems certification. In november, we're approved with the highest grade possible in conjunction with the IQNET International Certification. Additionally, we have continued to evolve the visual identity of our brand and products, consolidating our company culture of bold innovation.

Mid 2016 we began the process of opening Cata Company in the US, committing to an aggressive expansion timeline within a much larger market for our product line and launching operations in Pompano Beach, Florida.

We launched the new slim CataCoin model, offering even more services to clients and extending our notoriety through participation in many of the largest tradeshows in Brazil.

Cata Company solidifies a key partnership with Prosegur, a cash in transit service provider with operations in 18 countries, including Brazil. This partnership made large scale production of our coin machines possible. Our manufacturing facility was built from scratch in only 45 days and gave us the space we needed to continue to develop our product line and apply for two new patents.

CataCoin is present in nearly all of the 26 states across Brazil and a new machine is installed every two days. Incredibly, even during a considerable economic recession, Cata Company was able to grow our revenue by 1,700%.

The first model of CataCash, a smart, compact, and economical safe is developed.

First version of our online Control Panel is launched, a tool that enables real-time monitoring and deposit management of the CataCoin (CataMoeda). Cata Company is recognized by the Brazilian government as the only manufacturer in the country of this kind of equipment is registered with the “Processo Produtivo Básico”(PPB) program. With the equipment is accredited, Cata Company became the first company in Brazil to have a project approved through the Brazilian Development Bank’s (BNDES) program to support small to medium-sized innovative companies.

Cata Company (CataMoeda) was featured in one of Brazil's most respected newspapers "Valor Econômico" by way of the article "Company that Does Good". CataCoin gives the option of donating their excess coins through our machines to a variety of charitable institutions, facilitating and stimulating our customers to do more with their change. Concurrently, we have received a great deal of positive feedback related to the environmental impact from CataCoin machines. By recirculating coins, we are able to reduce the need for additional coin production and in turn reduce unnecessary mineral extractions, preventing further damage to the environment.

The company received an investment from the Fundo SC, a venture capital firm focused on innovative startup companies. Fundo SC was created within FINEP´s Inovar program and is managed by the company BZPlan in partnership with FIR Capital’s fund management. Using their contribution, the company was able to file a new patent for the coin machine as the first coin machine able to process a large volume of coins at once.

The first CataCoin (CataMoeda) was installed at one of the biggest retailers of Paraná, where the business model implemented proved to be an overwhelming success. As a result, both new and current clients began to go to the store to use the coin machine. Within one month’s time, the host store became self-sufficient in coins.

A talented pool of individuals come together to work on this new project. Initial technological mechanisms are developed and patented.

The first functional prototype was installed in a supermarket in Morumbi, in São Paulo and quick gained the attention of consumers, investors, and key future partners.

After building and subsequently selling an US based venture that became Latin America’s largest media and e-advertising portal, a young Brazilian entrepreneur travelled for three years to over 60 countries. Upon settling in Florianópolis, Brazil, he combined an innovative idea with an amazing opportunity, making way for a business model that had yet to be implemented in Brazil, solving not only the issue of coin circulation plaguing businesses,  but aiding the Brazilian government with their coin production budget crunch, and protecting the environment by reducing mineral extractions.

Leadership team

Victor Levy – Co-founder & CEO

Victor Levy Co-founder & CEO

By the age of 26, Victor was CEO of an American company and four years later had moved on to establish the largest e-media and advertising portal in the Americas, with operations in 7 countries. He continued his studies at the internationally recognized institutions Kellogg, Wharton, and Harvard, after selling his company, he went for his “MBA in Life” as a solo traveler for more than three years, across every continent before returning to Brazil and founding Catamoeda. Victor has served as a board member of companies such as Reason, Makenji, Integra and was the advisor both in the sale of Reason to Alston and in the sale of a strategic stake of Investnews to Portugal Telecom.

Carlos Dutra – CTO

Carlos Dutra CTO

In 1999, he received the degree in Control and Automation Engineering from the Federal University of Santa Catarina. In 2007, finished the MBA in Global Administration from the UNICA/SOCIESC/Lusófona University. He has more than 23 years of professional experience leading teams in the areas of hardware and software development for embedded systems, product and project management, product certification and industrial process for companies such as Alston, GE and Reason.

Flávio Camargo – COO

Flávio Camargo COO

Bachelors degree in Communication from FAAP – São Paulo and an MBA in Business Management – UERJ – Rio de Janeiro, Flávio has 30 years of experience in Finance, Sales, Product management and Operations through an accumulated experience with both Brazilian and multinational companies, including National Bank, B & M do Brasil, Construtora Lix da Cunha, BankBoston, Safra, Brinks and now with Cata Company.

Guilherme Boria – CFO

Guilherme Boria CFO

CFO Guilherme received his bachelors degree in Business Administration from the Federal University of Santa Catarina and an MBA in Corporate Finance from FIA / USP, São Paulo. His extensive knowledge in strategic financial areas was derived from 10 years in working with structured finance, financial planning and capital management, consolidating, fundraising, financial modeling and controls.

Roberto Souza US Country Manager

Graduated in Business Administration, attended to Insper extension courses, more than 15 years working in business, development in companies such as Accenture and SK.

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